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Our flexible rate structure enables us to adjust our prices to all the types of translation requests we receive.

Translations: All prices are given on request as rates depend on the language combination, the level of technical complexity, the quality, the format and volume of the document provided by the customer and the deadline allocated for the translation.

Four criteria are taken into account in our flexible rate structure.

  • The nature of the document

Translating technical documents requires the translator to have specific expertise which is why special rates are applied to such documents.

agatrad SA applies a reduced rate if the source text is clear and written with a good level of expression as the translator’s work is made easier.

Regarding documents which contain many repetitions or which are very similar, we can apply a reduced rate here as well.

  • The volume

As far as our translation services are concerned, agatrad SA favours a basic unit for invoicing: a standard line comprising 60 characters (including spaces) in the target language. This method is an accurate calculation of the value of the finished translation and is more precise than calculating the number of words (as the length and number of words often varies from one language to another).

An increased rate may be applied to official or certified translations which are accompanied by the sworn translator’s seal.

Reduced rates are generally applied to straightforward translations (in other words translations that are not certified) which naturally maintain the same uncompromising quality.

We can offer a reduced rate for high volume documents.

There is a single flat rate for documents containing 1,200 characters or less.

  • The specific nature of the source language and target language

We work in a wide variety of languages.

A reduced rate is applied to common languages (English, German …) as opposed to translations concerning lesser-used languages (and in particular Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean).

The rate will also depend on the language combination.

  • Deadlines

We deal with urgent requests while at the same time maintaining the same high level of quality. Very tight deadlines mean that translators have to work at night or during the weekend which might lead to increase in our usual rates.

Reduced tariffs are applied to non-urgent work with deadlines that are set by agatrad SA.

Interpreting work: Rates depend on the type of interpretation.

Interpreting work: Rates depend on the type of interpretation.
Transcription, revision, adaptation: The tariff varies between CHF 100 and CHF 160 / hour. This amount is given for information purposes only as other parameters are taken into account such as the quality of the documents, audio cassettes etc. we are given and the allocated deadline.

Our rates are among the most competitive on the market and our work is of an excellent quality.

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We would be more than pleased to provide you with a free (and confidential) quotation for your translation, revision, transcription, adaptation and interpreting requirements. Just send us your document and we will provide you with our best offer without delay.

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