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agatrad SA
58, rue de la Terrassiere
4eme, etage - appt. 41
CH - 1207 Geneve
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Company profile

“An agency which is reflected by the members of its team”

The agatrad SA team was created from a love of languages. All its staff and regular translators have extensive experience in the field of languages and possess the skills and motivation required to help you overcome all the linguistic challenges you might be confronted with.

The company’s registered office is located in the international town of Geneva, in Switzerland, and was created by a team of professional translators with years of experience who only ever translate in their specialisms and mother tongue.

The founders of agatrad SA have over 40 years’ experience in translating and interpreting. The agency began as a small family business.

The late Mr John Agad, a bachelor of laws, Doctor in Political Science, former lecturer at the Translation and Interpretation School of Geneva, parliamentary interpreter and former translator of the State of the canton of Geneva, imparted his valuable professional experience to the managers of agatrad SA.

Our translations are on the same level as the top-quality translations provided in Switzerland. They benefit from an excellent reputation in terms of quality, reliability, discretion, confidentiality and rapidity.

After having acquired a certain importance on the Swiss and international market agatrad SA was duly registered on the commercial register of Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Apart from the founders and managers of agatrad SA, the company is comprised of 3 project managers and an administrator.
Our team is also comprised of translators, linguists, proofreaders, a scientist and programmer who all have extensive professional experience in their specialism and who are fascinated by languages and translating.

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  • Our team members speak a number of languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian and Armenian.
  • In addition to our resources and internal skills, we have a solid network of freelance translators throughout the world. All our translators only translate into their mother tongue and specialism.

Why choose agatrad SA?

Your multilingual partner, agatrad SA, is always available to assist you and meet your demands in a simple, effective and pleasant manner while upholding unparalleled ethical standards.

Our experience: We boast more than thirty years’ experience in the language business. The late Mr John Agad, one of the co-founders of agatrad SA and a parliamentary interpreter and translator, worked as a lecturer at the Translation and Interpretation School of Geneva, and was the last Translator of the State of the Republic and canton of Geneva. He occupied this position for 20 years and was in charge of the language department of the State. He was in particular responsible for selecting and training the sworn translators before they were appointed by the State Chancellery. He instilled in the agatrad SA team his love for languages and imparted to them his valuable knowledge.

Responsiveness: We react quickly to any request you make. Rest assured that when you entrust us with a project, it is carefully monitored from start to finish.

Promptness: We are used to working under pressure and managing tight deadlines … with unfailing good humour and a smile!

Professionalism: Our translators are professional linguists with a long-standing experience in their specialisms. They are always natives of the target language.

Specialisms: Our translators are specialised in a particular field of expertise. Indeed, for the majority of our translators translating is a second occupation. They either still work or worked as lawyers, barristers, notaries, bankers, doctors, chemists, physicians, architects, etc. This is the reason why they have an excellent command of their specialism and in-depth knowledge of the appropriate terminology.

Confidentiality: All members of the agatrad SA team and translators are subject to a strict non-disclosure agreement and are bound by professional secrecy.
If requested by the customer, we are willing to sign a confidentiality clause.

Security: All the files that are sent to agatrad SA are saved in a secure manner and are sent using protected systems to our translators and customers.

Satisfaction: We are proud to have a loyal, long-standing clientele who are satisfied with our services. Feel free to browse their comments in the customer page to see what they have to say about us.

Our major Clients

The cantonal and federal State departments º Lawyers and notaries º International organisations º Non-government organisations º Banking institutions º Diplomatic corps º Multinationals º Companies, enterprises, foundations º Translation offices º Private customers