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Do you need a TRANSLATION?

then you have come to the right website!
agatrad SA is the ideal language solution
to solve your international communication
problems and become your multilingual partner.

Thanks to the 40 years’ experience in the linguistic field
that the late Mr John Agad, a bachelor of laws, Doctor in Political Science, former lecturer at the Translation and Interpretation School of Geneva, parliamentary interpreter and former translator of the State of the canton of Geneva, imparted to the managers of agatrad SA.

You will no longer have to be concerned about the image of your company
as we are able to guarantee the high-quality of our translations.

Our strengths: Quality – Speed – Interesting rates

All specialisms & all languages
carried out by professional and sworn translators

Available: 7 days a week

Translation fields                                        Other Services

• Official deeds and documents
• Government and legal,
   Commercial, financial and banking,
   Medical and pharmaceutical,
   Technical, scientific,
   Personal and private and confidential documents.
• Luxury products and cosmetics
• Websites, slogans and advertising documents
• Newspaper articles, press releases
• Books, poetry, oenology, cooking
• Tourism, environment
Proofreading service

Imagine that you have written a text and you would like some to read it to be sure there are no spelling mistakes. Or perhaps you would like to change the tone, flow or style of the text …
Our linguists are available to proofread all types of documents: advertising texts, dissertations, presentations, press reviews, scientific articles, theses, websites, etc.
According to your request, they will work on the style, or spelling or both!

Interpreting services
Interpreting is an oral translation of what is said (unlike translating which is in the written form).
agatrad SA is pleased to make its interpreting services available for the following events:
Interpreters for fairs, conferences, commercial assignments, conventions, corporate meetings, preparation and/or presentations, negotiations, etc.
Interpreters for interviews (television & radio), press conferences and all types of conferences.
Interpreters who accompany you to business meetings whether these are for business, legal, medical, tourist, private or any other reasons.

There are various types of interpreting services.

  • On-site interpreting: the interpreter is present during the event / remote interpreting: this is provided over the telephone, Internet or any other means of communication.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter translates almost simultaneously what is being said without stopping (the interpreter’s voice often masks the speaker’s). The interpreter usually sits in a soundproof booth. This is normally used during conferences, seminars, shareholders’ meetings and other similar events.
  • Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter translates what is being said at regular intervals. It is normally used during courses, conferences and other events during which simultaneous interpreting cannot be used.
  • Liaison interpreting: The interpreter acts as the link during a conversation between several people who speak different languages. It is normally used during business, legal (at a lawyer’s or notary’s office) and medical appointments or tourist visits.
  • Whispered interpreting: The interpreter whispers the translation to the listener. It is normally used for tourist visits or if a single listener wishes to understand the speaker.

In all events, our interpreters will be at your side to provide a faithful translation of these exchanges to the last detail thereby optimising your international relations. Thorough preparation which includes a meeting with the assignment manager and/or consultation of the relevant documentation ensures a perfect command of the work to be done. The interpreter will be your assistant but will provide you with an accurate, neutral and objective translation of what is being said.

Why choose agatrad SA?

Our major clients :

The cantonal and federal State departments º Lawyers and notaries º International organisations º Non-government organisations º Banking institutions º Diplomatic corps º Multinationals º Companies, enterprises, foundations º Translation offices º Private customers